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The Mexican Ministry of Health issued an epidemiological notice on human rabies on Wednesday, after the detection of this viral disease in various people in January.

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The authorities confirmed through the National Committee for Epidemiological Surveillance a case of rabies detected in a dog in the state of Sonora, while the nine people who had contact with the animal are being monitored.

“The notice indicates that regarding the recent case detected in a dog in the state of Sonora, nine people who had risky contact with the infected animal are being followed up. The antigenic characterization identified is the V7 variant associated with the gray fox, which confirms that the dog was attacked by a wildlife animal that infected it with rabies,” the note issued specified.

On the other hand, a contagion by urban fauna in Nayarit derived from the attack on a person by a cat that has no history of vaccination is also confirmed, just as two confirmed cases were reported: one by laboratory and the other by epidemiological association.

Meanwhile there is another probable case, followed by the notification of three more suspects in January 2023 for aggression by bat.

“Rabies transmitted by jungle mammals has become more important; the most common transmitter is the blood-sucking bat (Desmodus rotundus). In the last five years, 65 cases of human rabies were registered in the region of the Americas, of which 66 percent were transmitted by jungle mammals.

The Ministry of Health reported that in 2019, Mexico obtained WHO certification for the elimination of dog-transmitted rabies as a public health problem, while “in the region of the Americas, since the implementation, in 1983, of the Program of Elimination of Human Rabies transmitted by dogs, the incidence decreased: from 355 cases notified in that year, to two in 2020”.

“There is no specific treatment. In the face of serious risk of exposure, application of human rabies vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin is recommended. In case of being mild, only the human anti-rabies vaccine”, indicated the health agency.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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