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The National Fire Management Service (SNMF) in Argentina reported this Monday that the authorities of that country are fighting fires in nine provinces that maintain active sources, as well as in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. in sequence:

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According to the entity, the forest fires El Pedregoso -Las Pataguas, in the Patagonian province of Chubut (south) that carbonized six hectares of plant species, as well as the one that occurred in Los Cipreses, near the border with Chile, were reported as controlled.

The SNMF indicates that on the eve of fires on the Currumahuida hill, in El Hoyo, Chubut, where the “igneous emergency” was declared and two fire hydrant planes, an amphibious plane and a helicopter to transfer personnel and unload with helibalde.

At this moment, more than 130 brigade members from different areas of the province are working to control the fire in El Hoyo.

— Mariano Arcioni (@arcionimariano)
January 16, 2023

According to the Government of Chubut on the social network Twitter, given the seriousness of the incident, there are more than 130 brigade members from different areas of the province who are working to control it.

The government entity reported that optimization tasks are being carried out in the drinking water service of the Beleiro village, with the support of the staff of the South delegation of the Undersecretary of Public Services.

For its part, the province of Buenos Aires (east) registers three active outbreaks, one in the Tajiber Canal and in the Luján River, within the 5,200-hectare Ciervo de los Pantanos National Park, and another two were suffocated in the Buenos Aires town from Zarate.

Likewise, the Ministry of the Environment indicated that a fire also remains active in the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve in the city of Buenos Aires, a 350-hectare green space bounded to the east by the Río de la Plata.

Several fires remain active in the departments of Corrientes (1), Entre Ríos (3), Chubut (1), Río Negro (1), La Pampa (1), Mendoza (1), San Luis (1), Santa Fe ( 1) and Buenos Aires (3).

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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