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The Geophysical Institute of the National Polytechnic School of Ecuador reported this Thursday that the Cotopaxi volcano, located 45 kilometers from Quito, continues to expel steam, gases and ash that affects several nearby regions. in sequence:

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According to the alert issued by the center, the cloud of gases, smoke and ash reaches a height of more than 500 meters above the top.

Since the day before, the authorities had reported on the emission of sulfur, gases and ash from Cotopaxi, a smoke that reached a height of close to 600 meters.

2023-01-12 15:05:00 TL
Observation: Emission of gases and ash
Cloud height = 1000 msnc; Address: West.
IG-EPN Rectification 2.

– Geophysical Institute (@IGecuador)
January 12, 2023

This activity affected the Mulató, Ticatilin and Cotopaxi regions, according to the National Geophysical Institute.

Also, on this day, the Ecuadorian Security Secretariat tested the sound alert systems on Thursday in the Tumbaco and Los Chillos Valleys, near the Cotopaxi volcano, due to the strong activity registered in the colossus.

For his part, the governor of Cotopaxi, Oswaldo Coronel, assured local media that every Monday starting next January 16, a report on the state of the volcano will be presented.

Coronel said that the contingency plans for dealing with a supposed eruption are already prepared, as well as the alarm systems so that the population can react in time to face the event.

Given the monitoring, the Secretary of Security and Governance of Quito (capital) reported that evacuation drills have been planned in different sectors of vulnerable communities, starting next January 27.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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