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The eight main French centrals (CFDT, CGT, FO, CFE-CGC, CFTC, UNSA, Solidaires, FSU), have ratified this Tuesday the call for a new day of mobilizations and interprofessional strikes for Tuesday, January 31. in sequence:

French government presents controversial pension reform

The four representative unions of the rail service, the well-known SNCF (CGT Cheminots, UNSA Ferroviaire, SUD-Rail, CFDT Cheminots) have also called a unified strike on January 31.

In fact, the CGT Cheminots and SUD-Rail even encourage railway workers to “act massively on strike”, while on the Ile-de-France transport side (where Paris is the capital), the RATP inter-union also called on Wednesday “all the company’s agents to express their rejection of this pension counter-reform by participating in the strike and the demonstration on Tuesday, January 31.”

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Deux syndicats de cheminots, the CGT and SUD, appellent, au-delà du 31 janvier, à deux journées de grève les 7 et 8 fevrier, puis à une grève redirectible à la mi-février.

Dans tous les secte…

— Internationalist Communist Union (ICU) (@UCI_ICU_media)
January 25, 2023

For their part, the railway sector unions, apart, also indicate that they have agreed to “meet again as of February 1 to agree on the follow-up to be given.”

In the aviation sector, the USACcgt, an important civil aviation union, “has decided to fully join the unitary day of mobilization on January 31,” he wrote in a statement. Consequently, it calls on all civil aviation personnel “to go on a massive strike and to participate in the demonstrations.”

The majority union SNCTA has not yet made a statement, but there is a good chance that it will not call a strike, as it did for the mobilization day on January 19.

In national education, the unions also demand the continuation on January 31 of the movement started on January 19. The union centrals of education, higher education and research “call the staff to extend the strike of January 31 to achieve the withdrawal” of the reform, read a joint statement of the inter-union.

The statement insists that “the January 31 date should be even stronger than the January 19 date,” it adds. On January 19, according to the Ministry of Education, 42.35 percent of teachers were on strike in primary schools and 34.66 percent in secondary schools.

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