Referendum in Slovakia declared invalid

PRAGUE, Jan 22 – RIA Novosti. The State Electoral Commission (SEC) of Slovakia on Sunday officially invalidated the results of the referendum held on Saturday on amending the Constitution of the republic, since the turnout for it was about 27.25% with the required 50% plus one person, Bratislava TV channel TA3 reported.
“To participate in the voting in the referendum on amendments to the Constitution of the Republic for the possibility of early termination of the powers of the National Council (Parliament) of Slovakia, only 27.25% came to the polls, while the turnout required to recognize the results of the plebiscite as valid was 50% plus one person. Therefore, the SEC at its meeting on Sunday officially declared the results of the referendum invalid.
According to the GEC, 1,193,198 people came to the ballot boxes, 97% of whom approved the proposed changes to the Constitution. No incidents were recorded during the voting. None of the top leaders of the country – neither the president, nor the speaker of parliament, nor the acting prime minister – took part in the referendum. Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Finance allocated 10.4 million euros for the plebiscite.
This was already the ninth referendum in the 30-year history of independent Slovakia, of which, due to a weak turnout, only one was recognized as valid – on the republic’s entry into the European Union (2003). 52.15% of voters participated in it. Almost all the rest were devoted to internal problems.

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