A rally against the NATO meeting on Ukraine took place in Berlin near the US Embassy

BERLIN, January 20 – RIA Novosti. The protest action of the peaceful association “Stop Ramstein” against the supply of heavy weapons to Kyiv and the meeting of the contact group in support of Ukraine, held on Friday at the Ramstein base, took place in the capital of Germany.
The protesters gathered on the main square of the German capital at the Brandenburg Gate, after which they marched to the nearby US embassy.

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“Diplomats, not soldiers,” “no tanks for Ukraine,” “Americans out,” “send Burbock to the front,” the participants chanted. The protesters also unfurled banners and flags reading “This is a US war against Germany”, “Seek peace without weapons”.
According to the organizers of the action, Germany, by its participation in the council of countries gathered at the American Ramstein base, is “getting deeper into the conflict in Ukraine.”
In addition, as the speakers recalled, observation flights near the Russian borders have been conducted from the American base in Germany for years, and the US Air Force nuclear arsenal directed against Russia is located there.
The protesters demanded speedy negotiations with Russia and diplomacy instead of supplying tanks and heavy weapons to the conflict zone.
A meeting of the contact group on support for Ukraine by NATO countries and their allies, where the next aid package, including Western-style tanks, was expected to be agreed upon, is taking place on Friday at the American Ramstein airbase in Germany.

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