The Poles demanded an end to the Ukrainian “occupation”

MOSCOW, January 20 – RIA Novosti. Pickets of Ukrainians on the main square of the Polish Krakow caused indignation among local nationalists, the city portal KRKnews reported.
Ukrainians, as noted in the article, regularly hold pickets on the square in front of the monument to the writer Adam Mickiewicz. Nationalists from the 16 Postulates called on the city authorities to “stop the de facto occupation of Krakow’s Market Square by unpleasant foreigners.”
“Twice a day, every day of the week, a small but loud group of Ukrainians stage noisy political demonstrations there, using a sound system and violating the dignified yet touristic character of the place,” the nationalists said. They demanded that the authorities “immediately put an end to the situation,” which “causes pain and shock” both Krakow residents and visitors to the city.
Dissatisfied with the pickets, the Ukrainians noted that they use Polish flags, and at the same time shout Bandera slogans, in their opinion, this has signs of “insulting what is sacred to the Poles.” The authors of the appeal to the authorities of Krakow also made the assertion that recently the participants in Ukrainian actions began to put forward “quite specific political demands” to the inhabitants of Poland, demanding “to give all weapons” to Kyiv, since the Poles “do not give their lives.”

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Disclaimer: Via RIA Novosti – Checked

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