Singing Biden has become a laughingstock

MOSCOW, January 18 – RIA Novosti. US President Joe Biden became the object of ridicule on the Web after publishing a video in which he forgets the name of a human rights activist whom he congratulates on her birthday, writes Newsweek magazine.
The incident occurred on Monday at an event in Washington in honor of Martin Luther King Day. The American leader decided to wish happy birthday to Arndreya Waters King, the wife of Martin Luther King Jr., who is the son of the famous fighter for the rights of black Americans Martin Luther King.
Biden decided to sing the song “Happy Birthday”, but he was “confused” and “muttered something” at the moment when it was necessary to say Arndreya’s name.
The president’s blunder video gained over two million views and went viral, with many users sharing pictures mocking him.
Biden, who turned 80 last year, became the oldest president of the United States in history. He regularly gets into funny situations, the opponents of the American leader consider age and possible health problems to be the reason for this.

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