China noted important changes in Germany’s policy on Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 16 – RIA Novosti. Readers of the Chinese portal “Guancha” are actively discussing the news that Germany will be able to supply Leopard tanks to Ukraine only next year.

“Ukraine still has to survive until 2024,” wrote one of the commentators.

The West was afraid of a turning point on the Ukrainian front. Therefore, urgently sends tanks

“The United States is depleting European stockpiles of weapons, it is hard for them to stop doing this,” said another.

“Germany should supply tanks to Ukraine, and the United States will not do this even with the lend-lease law, they have good relations,” a third noted.

“The United States and the West are using Ukraine as a testing ground for weapons and equipment,” another user shared his opinion.

“The United States will then blame Europe for the poor implementation of instructions,” the reader concluded.

Earlier, in an interview with Bild, the head of the German concern Rheinmetall, Armin Papperger, said that the tanks were being completely re-equipped, which means that even if the decision to transfer them to the Armed Forces is made tomorrow, delivery will not be able to begin until next year.

Since February 24, a military special operation has been taking place in Ukraine. Against this backdrop, the United States and NATO allies continue to pump tens of billions of dollars worth of weapons into the Kyiv regime. Moscow, for its part, has repeatedly stated that the supply of Western weapons only prolongs the conflict, and the transport of weapons becomes a legitimate target for the Russian Aerospace Forces.

“There will be no war with Russia”: German politician responded to Melnik’s demand

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