The US Congress approved the creation of a committee on competition with China

WASHINGTON, January 11 – RIA Novosti. The US House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a resolution establishing a special committee on strategic competition between the US and China, according to the results of the vote.
365 congressmen supported this document, 65 voted against.

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“Over the past four years, President (Joe) Biden and House Democrats have failed to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable,” House Minority Leader Steve Scalise said in a pre-vote debate.
“Republicans take China’s national security threat seriously and are ready to take action to thwart the CCP’s malicious plans and China’s military buildup,” he added.
It is expected that the head of the special committee will be Mike Gallagher, who was previously nominated by the new speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy. The new structure will consist of 16 members, including nine Republicans and seven Democrats.
The creation of a special committee on strategic competition between the United States and China was one of the first major legislative initiatives adopted by the chamber in its renewed composition. In fact, the legislative process became possible only from January 7, since until that day the post of the speaker of the chamber remained vacant. Republican Kevin McCarthy was ultimately elected to this position – the third in the US political hierarchy – on the 15th attempt, but until that day the work of the chamber remained paralyzed.

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