Emergency power outages introduced in many regions of Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 10 – RIA Novosti. In many regions of Ukraine, emergency shutdowns have been introduced due to exceeding consumption limits, the national energy company Ukrenergo said.
“To ensure a balance in the energy system, consumption limits have been brought to the regions, which are valid throughout the day – from 00:00 to 24:00. Unfortunately, in many regions the limits have already been exceeded, so emergency shutdowns are applied to maintain stable operation of the energy system,” – according to the company’s message in the Telegram channel.
The report also notes that electricity consumption increased due to low temperatures, strong winds in many regions of the country, as well as the work of industry and business. As a result, the power shortage in the country’s energy system grew, including at night. “Also, in some areas, due to unfavorable meteorological conditions (gusty wind), there are damages in the networks of distribution system operators, repairs are underway,” Ukrenergo added.

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