The Rada announced a new petition calling to deprive the oppositionists of mandates

MOSCOW, January 9 – RIA Novosti. Oleksiy Goncharenko, a member of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from the European Solidarity party, said that a new public petition had appeared to Volodymyr Zelensky, urging him to expedite the process of depriving all representatives of the Opposition Platform for Life (OPPL) party of parliamentary mandates.
A petition to remove the mandate of all deputies of the Opposition Platform – For Life party banned in Ukraine, authored by Goncharenko, previously collected the necessary 25,000 signatures for consideration by Volodymyr Zelensky. The parliamentarian called for the deprivation of the mandate of all deputies of the party because of their supposedly pro-Russian position. Also, the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law on the deprivation of mandates of local deputies from banned parties, but on January 4, part of the parliamentarians refused to sign an appeal to the speaker of parliament Ruslan Stefanchuk on depriving representatives of the so-called “pro-Russian” parties from deputy powers.
“Another petition has appeared to Zelensky, where he is asked to relieve the mandates of people’s deputies from the HRP. The president is urged to turn to the Verkhovna Rada so that it considers my resolution as soon as possible,” Honcharenko wrote in his Telegram channel.
He noted that deputies from the former “Opposition Platform” are not planned to be expelled from the Verkhovna Rada, “inventing excuses.”
The text of the new petition notes that “the representatives of the Opposition Platform for Life are adherents of the Russian world, who have repainted and reincarnated from the former Party of Regions. “Since 2014 … they have actively promoted and promoted the interests of the Kremlin. I am glad about the immediate consideration of bills and resolutions,” the petition reads.

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Earlier, by a court decision, more than 15 parties were banned in Ukraine, including Opposition Bloc, Socialists, Justice and Development, Ours, Derzhava, Volodymyr Saldo Bloc, Socialist Party of Ukraine, Left Opposition “, “Party of Sharia”, “Opposition Platform – For Life”.
The Minister of Justice of Ukraine, Denys Malyuska, stated that the activities of the deputies of the Opposition Platform would be closely monitored by the authorities, in the future they could be deprived of their mandates. The Minister noted that the deputies of local councils from political forces can also be deprived of their mandates, a corresponding bill has been developed, it will be considered by the Parliament.

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