Lukashenka debunked fakes about the state of health

MINSK, January 8 – RIA Novosti. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko debunked fakes about his “diseases” and promised to live on.
“Once upon a time, Elder Father Nikolai (Father Nikolai Guryanov – ed.) on the island of Zalit, a very revered elder, when you were elected president said: as long as Lukashenko is in Belarus, everything will be fine,” the confessor of the St. Elisabeth Monastery Archpriest told the head of state Andrey Lemeshonok. The video was published in the Telegram channel of the publication “SB. Belarus Today”.
“That is, I can’t die yet?” Lukashenka asked smiling.
“No way!” exclaimed Father Andrei and Metropolitan Veniamin of Minsk and Zaslavl, who was present at the conversation.
“Because everyone is burying me, these fugitives (oppositionists who emigrated from the country – ed.) are burying me. I’m already saying: so that it continues with health! And they discover new diseases in me … It’s bad when people are buried and they talk about health in this plan. It will come out sideways to them. And we will live! “- summed up the President of Belarus.
On Saturday, Lukashenka visited a church in the monastery complex of the St. Elisabeth Convent, where he lit a candle according to the Christmas tradition.

Lukashenka urged to help the departed oppositionists who realized their mistake

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