Zelensky calls US aid vital for Ukraine

MOSCOW, January 7 – RIA Novosti. Vladimir Zelensky congratulated Republican leader in the US House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy on his election as House Speaker and called Washington’s assistance vital for Ukraine.
Members of the US House of Representatives, following the results of the 15th round of voting held on Saturday night, elected Republican Kevin McCarthy as the new speaker, putting an end to a four-day debate that did not allow the House to start working in a new composition.
“With the election of the Speaker of the House of Representatives. US support in all areas was vital to success on the battlefield. We count on your continued support and continued US assistance, which will bring our common victory closer,” Zelensky wrote on his Twitter.
Earlier, McCarthy said he intends to stop Washington’s “wasteful” spending and the growth of the country’s public debt.

Biden congratulates McCarthy on his election as Speaker of the House of Representatives

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