Death toll from landslide in Ischia, Italy rises to 10 | News

Italian authorities reported this Tuesday that the number of deaths from the landslide that occurred the previous Saturday in the town of Casamicciola, on the Italian island of Ischia, rose to 10. in sequence:

Italy declares a state of emergency on the island of Ischia

The rescuers reported that they found two more bodies and specified that they continue to search for the two people who are still on the list of missing persons from the landslide that affected Casamicciola Terme.

A member of the Naples fire brigade reported that “the search for the missing continues twenty-four hours a day because in this phase we must be able to obtain the maximum result in the shortest possible time. We’ve probably identified an area where a couple of missing people can be found.”

More than 270 displaced people have left the disaster, which according to local media, will be investigated by the Naples Prosecutor’s Office about the “neglected alarms launched by the engineer Giuseppe Conte, former mayor of Casamicciola”, about the situation on the island .

The Civil Protection Department stated in its Facebook social network account that “we are working on the perimeter of the red zone and the areas that could be subject to evacuation orders in the event of a new weather alert.” |

The first body to be identified was that of 31-year-old Eleonora Sirabella. Francesco, Maria Teresa and Michele Monti, aged 11, 16 and 6, respectively, were also found while they were looking for their parents. Among the dead are also Maurizio Scotto di Minico (32 years old), his wife Giovanna Mazzella (30 years old) and his son GiovanGiuseppe (22 days old) and Nikolinka Gancheva Blangova (58 years old), and they still identify the new bodies found.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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