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Representatives of indigenous communities from Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Bolivia continued this Wednesday the deliberations of the First Meeting of Indigenous Nations and Peoples of the Andean Region, which is based in La Paz, the administrative capital of the latter country. in sequence:

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Delegates to the meeting discuss the issue of migration, the rights of Mother Earth, the fight against the climate crisis and the defense of democracy, among others.

The meeting began the day before and will be in session until this Thursday. The president of the Bolivian Chamber of Deputies, Jerges Mercado, participated in its inauguration.

The meeting is expected to contribute to strengthening integration processes and promoting collaboration and dialogue among the countries of the area, as well as greater understanding and solidarity among their indigenous peoples.

According to local media, the results of the deliberations will be presented in a final report, which will serve as the basis for future cooperation initiatives.

The president of the Andean Parliament, Gloria Flores Schneider, appreciated that integration is essential to advance as peoples and face planetary challenges that, such as climate change and migratory processes, have a great impact on the region.

The Supra-State Parliamentarians help to strengthen integration processes between peoples and communities, as well as between States and Governments.

It is a figure created by constitutional mandate and that is present in the Andean, Latin American and Caribbean parliaments, Inter-Parliamentary Union, Indigenous and Afro-descendant of America, Amazon and Mercosur.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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