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The Government of Chile reported this Saturday that the state of emergency in Viña del Mar, decreed on December 23, was extended for another 30 days, after the forest fires that hit the area and left several homes affected. in sequence:

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The decree was published in the Official Gazette and extends the measure announced by President Gabriel Boric in order to reinforce the reconstruction works.

“The Government issued the extension of the State of Constitutional Exception of Catastrophe in the Viña del Mar commune for an additional 30 days, thus extending the special protection measures after the fire on December 22, which left nearly a thousand people homeless and caused the destruction of more than 300 houses”, the text refers.

�� The Ministry of the Interior and Public Security informs the extension of the State of Exception due to Catastrophe in Viña del Mar for an additional 30 days. As Chief of National Defense in the area, the Rear Admiral of the Chilean Navy, Juan Pablo Zúñiga, assumes ��

– Ministry of the Interior Chile (@min_interior)
January 21, 2023

The Ministry of the Interior specified that this measure responds to the fact that “the conditions that gave rise to the declaration of public calamity are still maintained.”

“This is the significant impact on people’s lives, mainly due to the number of homes destroyed, the number of victims and the affectation of basic services,” including the restriction of roads resulting from the debris from the accident.

On the other hand, the measure establishes that the position of head of National Defense in the area is assumed by Rear Admiral of the Chilean Navy, Juan Pablo Zúñiga.

The text also clarifies that this decision will allow the Chilean State “to ensure the integrity and security of its inhabitants, striving for efficiency and effectiveness in the use of resources and organization of people by the competent public services, during the recovery of the assets and the people affected.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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