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The Bolivian Ministry of Health and Sports reported this Thursday that so far 508 people have been diagnosed with dengue in the departments of Santa Cruz, Beni, La Paz, Pando, Tarija and Cochabamba, while the institution deploys measures for its containment.

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The head of the portfolio, Jeison Auza, stressed at a press conference that the distribution of insecticides, raking of cases, destruction of hatcheries, among other actions to prevent the disease, were ordered.

“Fumigation equipment, insecticides such as perinifus methyl, biological larvicides, work clothes, information, communication and education material have been distributed throughout the country, reagents have been transferred to laboratories and clinical management guides distributed in the department of Santa Cruz,” he said.

The Minister of Health, Jeyson Auza, reported that there is an epidemiological alert for dengue in the country, the cases amount to more than 500 in the national territory and #Santa Cruz concentrate the largest number.
Journalist: Helen San Román BTV pic.twitter.com/qbEz4fSIT3

– Bolivia Official TV (@Canal_BoliviaTV)
January 19, 2023

“We are declaring an epidemiological alert in the country,” said the head of the ministry, confirming 319 cases of dengue in Santa Cruz, 154 in Beni, 17 in Tarija, 11 in La Paz, six in Pando and one in Cochabamba.

Meanwhile, Jeison Auza reported that five people died from the disease, four in Santa Cruz and one in Beni, and that doctors from Intercultural Community Family Health (Safci) follow up on positive cases in the departments.

Likewise, in the department of Santa Cruz, the Departmental Emergency Operations Committee (COED) was activated due to the fact that it registers the largest number of cases, and the local authorities declared a red alert due to an epidemic.

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