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More than 100 points on the roads of Peru remain interrupted this Sunday as part of the protests that demand the immediate resignation of the designated president Dina Boluarte, who yesterday extended the state of emergency. in sequence:

Boluarte government suspends constitutional rights in various regions of Peru

The Superintendence of Land Transport, Cargo and Merchandise specified that 121 points are reported where the circulation of vehicles is interrupted while 19 highways are affected in various regions of the country.

According to national media, in the southern territories, especially in Puno and Cusco, the greatest number of blockades are concentrated when there is a significant increase compared to the previous day.

#Peru The population of the region #Apurimac radicalizes its measure of struggle. The road between Ayacucho and Andahuylas has up to 35 blocked points. In Pampas people say “If we don’t take the road, nobody listens to us and they even make fun of us”@telesurtv

— JAIME HERRERA (@JaimeHerreraCaj)
January 15, 2023

Accordingly, this Saturday 87 blockades were reported in 10 regions and 17 roads affected, among which the Panamericana Sur highway in Arequipa stands out, which extends to Tacna, the border region with Chile.

For its part, in Cusco the train service in the town of Machu Picchu was resumed after two days of being interrupted, meanwhile, there were violent clashes between protesters and police forces.

This Saturday, the Peruvian administration decreed the extension of the state of emergency in Cusco, Lima, Puno and Callao, among other regions, starting today for the next 30 days.

Similarly, the measure of force included the national highways of the Panamericana Sur, Norte, and Central highways, the South Apurimac-Cuzco-Arequipa Road Corridor, as well as the South Interoceanic Road Corridor.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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