El Salvador extends the state of emergency for the tenth time | News

The Legislative Assembly of El Salvador approved on Wednesday another 30-day extension of the state of emergency in force since the end of March 2022 to deal with violence generated by gangs.

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They denounce the arrest of three social leaders in El Salvador

This would be the tenth time that it has been decided to extend the measure at the request of President Nayib Bukele to increase the efficiency of the fight against maras or gangs in the country, although this state provides for the suspension of constitutional guarantees.

According to the president of the Legislative Body, Ernesto Castro, “It is a measure that has not only brought peace of mind to the communities, but has also made us a benchmark in security. We will continue to support President Bukele,” he declared on social networks.

Once again I raise my hand for safety. To bring peace of mind to our communities. So that our children and young people can go out on the streets without fear.

As many times as necessary, until we get rid of gang cancer, I will vote for true peace. pic.twitter.com/GnMnztzZMb

— Ernesto Castro (@ECastroES)
January 12, 2023

This time, the legislators of the ruling parties and their allies, the majority in the Central American legislature, ratified the proposal with 67 votes in favor of the 84 benches.

Government sources affirmed that, thanks to the emergency regime, 61,300 suspected gang members have been arrested, although about 3,300 have been released by order of the Prosecutor’s Office and other judicial instances.

We have extended the #ExceptionRegimen once again, because we want Salvadorans to continue living in peace in their communities.

Thanks to the measure, we are the safest country in Latin America. We will continue working until we become the safest nation on the continent. pic.twitter.com/TNKHeECfde

– Legislative Assembly ���� (@AsambleaSV)
January 12, 2023

The Ombudsman for the Defense of Human Rights (PDDH) and other humanitarian organizations have received more than 7,400 complaints of abuses and excessive forces of the security forces, as well as arbitrary arrests, torture and death of 90 people in police custody.

However, the authorities of the Central American country argue that thanks to the emergency measure and the Territorial Control Plan, the homicide rate has fallen, since in 2022 there were 496 homicides, 57 percent less than on the same date the previous year.

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