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Mexico, the United States, and Canada agreed to redouble their efforts to achieve greater economic integration, strengthen supply chains, and achieve mechanisms to encourage the generation of more jobs and investment. in sequence:

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Also the leaders of the three North American countries agreed to work together against synthetic drugs, continue the dialogue on this problem and seek a broader global collaboration on this global threat.

Actions on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion; climate change; competitiveness; migration and development; Health; and security, was the agreement reached by the leaders of North America.

After a trilateral meeting with his US counterpart, Joe Biden, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel Lópéz Obrador, announced at a joint press conference at the National Palace:

“We agree to strengthen our economic and commercial relations for which a joint committee will be created for planning and import substitution in North America”

In addition, the three leaders discussed in depth the immigration issue and cooperation to deal with drug and people trafficking.

The Mexican president promised the United States and Canada to stop fentanyl trafficking through the work of the Armed Forces, which he put in charge of port and customs control, and the destruction of the laboratories where the drug is made.

“We are working on it in an organized way, it led us to all ports and customs being controlled by the Armed Forces, because fentanyl and other chemicals come from Asia and these substances are processed in laboratories. We are preventing the entry of these chemicals and destroying laboratories,” he said.

Regarding fentanyl, Biden highlighted the joint work between Mexico and the United States and noted that in the last six months 7,000 traffickers have been arrested and 25,000 pounds (approximately 11,339 kilograms) of this substance seized at the border.

“We are going to continue our joint efforts, including on the precursor materials (to make fentanyl), the laboratories where it is made and the places where it is stored,” Biden said.

Biden stressed that North America faces great challenges to achieve a resilient economy that allows renewing cooperation mechanisms, based on acting together as neighbors and friends.

The priority is to make North America the most competitive region in the 21st century, by strengthening economic integration that generates more jobs in our countries, which means consolidating supply chains in this region.

In turn, the Canadian Prime Minister stressed that even though in recent times the trade agreement in North America was called into question, it was renegotiated and ended up being a more strengthened mechanism that will strengthen economic ties, solidify supply chains in a Region where 500 million people live.

He stressed that the trade agreement has attracted greater investment to the region in the past and is an opportunity for the future, through the cooperation of the three countries, to become one of the most competitive regions in the world. Currently the Gross Domestic Product in North America is greater than the European Union.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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