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The Attorney General of Peru, Patricia Benavides, ordered on Friday the initiation of preliminary proceedings against President Dina Boluarte and several officials of her Government for the deaths of at least 28 people due to the repression of the Army and the National Police, during the marches of December 2022. in sequence:

Protests against the Government of Peru continue

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the proceedings include who was Defense Minister, Alberto Otárola, current Prime Minister, and Interior Minister, César Cervantes, during the December protests.

The former president of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Angulo, is also included during the State of Emergency throughout the country.

The Office of the Prosecutor of the Nation arranged to carry out preliminary proceedings regarding the complaints filed against the President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte; Alberto Otárola, in his capacity as Defense Minister; César Cervantes, former Minister of the Interior and others.

– Public Ministry (@FiscaliaPeru)
January 6, 2023

The proceedings stem from the complaint filed by lawyers Abimael Méndez Conde, Yuri Martínez Ochoa, Víctor Porras Rivera and Jack Diburga Cuba before the Ayacucho region human rights, intercultural and terrorism prosecutor’s office.

The complaint also links police commanders, including the head of the Ayacucho Police Macro Region, PNP General Antero Mejía Escajadillp, and the general commander of the Second Military Infantry Brigade of Ayacucho, EP General Jesús Vera Ipenza, among others.

The complaints are intended to investigate the deaths that occurred during the demonstrations held in December 2022.

– Public Ministry (@FiscaliaPeru)
January 6, 2023

Upon learning of the proceedings against her, President Boluarte welcomed the decision of the Attorney General “for the prompt clarification of the facts.”

Boluarte previously stated that deaths due to repression should not go unpunished, however he denied his alleged responsibility, accusing extremist groups of promoting violence during demonstrations.

Likewise, it assures that it will give all the corresponding facilities for the prompt clarification of the facts, as it has requested on repeated occasions.

– Presidency of Peru ���� (@presidenciaperu)
January 6, 2023

During the preliminary process, the Public Ministry will collect information from state agencies to find out in detail the events that occurred in the midst of the repression of the marches in the regions of Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Arequipa and other areas of the country, after the vacancy of former president Pedro Castle.

The sources of the Prosecutor’s Office do not rule out that the military and police chiefs who were in command in the areas where the violent deaths occurred should be called to testify.

The preliminary inquiry can last up to a maximum of 60 days. According to the information collected, prosecutor Benavides will order the initiation of a preliminary or preparatory investigation against President Dina Boluarte or any of the ministers involved.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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