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The secretary of the Committee on Labor and Labor Regime of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) of Bolivia, Rosario García, sent this Friday a request for a written report to the Attorney General of Bolivia, Juan Lanchipa, to point out the measures in order to safeguard the rights of Santa Cruz workers in the midst of coup maneuvers. in sequence:

Association rejects violent acts in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

The MAS-IPSP deputy pointed out that the Social Policy Commission asks to explain “what actions are followed by the State Attorney General through the Santa Cruz Departmental Prosecutor’s Office to protect the rights of workers and employment.”

Similarly, the Chamber of Deputies pointed out that information will be requested on the progress of the investigations as a result of the violent acts that have taken place in support of Fernando Camacho, who is accused of the Coup d’état I case.

In the following video you can see the moment in which women withdraw from their peaceful protest by the containment line of the #BolivianPolicebecause irregular groups attacked law enforcement with firecrackers and other explosive devices.

— Carlos Eduardo Del Castillo Del Carpio (@EDelCastilloDC)
January 6, 2023

Meanwhile, the coup groups headed by the Cruceñista Youth Union (UJC) continued their attempt to take over the Police Departmental Command building, forcing a group of women who were on vigil in the area of ​​Christ the Redeemer to withdraw.

The attackers carried out the attack with high-powered fireworks, attacking the physical integrity of those present, for which the police intervened by firing tear gas in order to contain the violence.

According to national sources, 27 public and private properties have been reported looted and burned, among which the Departmental Prosecutor’s Office building stands out, which was completely damaged.

Since last December 28, with the apprehension of the Santa Cruz governor, who has been detained for four months in the Chonchocoro prison, violence encouraged by the so-called “civics” has been unleashed.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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