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With 117 votes in favor and four abstentions, the National Assembly of Ecuador approved this Thursday the Comprehensive Security Law, which modifies the legal bodies and seeks to reduce the growing violence in the Andean country, according to the words of the defenders of the norm. in sequence:

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“With the affirmative vote of 117 assembly members, from all the political caucuses, the National Assembly approved the draft Organic Law Reforming Various Legal Bodies for the Strengthening of Institutional Capacities and Comprehensive Security, which will be sent to the Presidency of the Republic for sanction or objection,” the entity wrote on its website.

In this sense, the parliament refers that this is the third law that it approves to face the increase in insecurity, as well as the prison crisis that is plaguing the country. This refers to the acceptance of the Law on the Legitimate Use of Force and the draft Law on Personnel and Discipline of the Armed Forces, previously signed.

According to the statement from the National Assembly, the regulations “contain six axes to promote an effective institutional design for criminal policy; an institutional redesign of the main entities of the social rehabilitation system; reforms to the Public and State Security Law for institutional strengthening”.

For his part, legislator Ramiro Narváez of the Democratic Left party, stressed that this law redesigns the institutional framework of the social rehabilitation system, in order to face the prison crisis.

For Pachakutik, Mireya Pazmiño affirmed that legislation by itself will not change the problems or improve the situation, but that the Government of Guillermo Lasso must implement public policies to end or drastically reduce insecurity.

“That fascist law that you have just approved in the Assembly must be declared unconstitutional. It does not respect due process or the presumption of innocence,” said presidential candidate Andrés Arauz.

Also, after maintaining that he agreed with the criteria issued by Arauz, former President Rafael Correa criticized the Lasso administration: “They have made us a totally insecure country and now they want to hide their incompetence with legal nonsense,” he said.

2022 was the year with the highest rate of violent homicides in the history of the Andean country with more than 4,500 deaths from this cause.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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