Fire in the Colombian port of Barranquilla leaves one dead | News

Colombian authorities reported this Wednesday the occurrence of a huge fire in an oil company in the industrial zone of the port of Compas in the city of Barranquilla while reporting one death and two injuries. in sequence:

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The fatality corresponds to Sergeant Jaime Enrique Solano, meanwhile, the injured were transferred to receive medical attention after the explosion of one of the tanks that stored fuel.

The fire took place in the Puertos Asociados Compass company, located on route 40 with calle 85, in the vicinity of the Magdalena river, where there are nine machines from the Barranquilla Fire Department.

National media reported that the flames that cover three of the six tanks have a height of 50 meters. For their part, the troops are working to prevent the spread of fire to other surroundings.

In this sense, the firefighters are working on cooling the nearby tanks while the immediate extinction of the flames is not expected. From this, the authorities evaluate the evacuation of the surrounding populations.

Due to the fire, which began at around 04:00 (local time), traffic on highway 40 in Barranquilla was paralyzed, as well as maritime operations on the Magdalena River in order to concentrate efforts to deal with the contingency.

Similarly, the Barranquilla authorities reported that although the state of contamination has not been declared, the waters of Magdalena are being affected by the spillage of hydrocarbons.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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