Weapons delivered to Ukraine strengthen international crime | Opinion

The United States of America and its allies have supplied Ukraine with tens of thousands of billions of dollars worth of weapons and military equipment since 2014.

According to Western experts, only 30 percent of weapons and military equipment arrive directly in the combat zone, the rest of the weapons allegedly go on the “black market” and can be obtained by members of organized criminal groups and international terrorists.

In the conditions of the armed conflict in the Eastern European state, the ability of the West to control the military-technical assistance provided is extremely limited due to the lack of established mechanisms to account for it.

After crossing the border into Ukraine, the Kyiv authorities distribute weapons at their discretion without the involvement of the Americans through numerous paramilitary groups and intricate criminal logistics schemes.

From that moment on, reliable information on the subsequent use of the means of armed struggle becomes inaccessible to the United States. The data transmitted by the Ukrainian government about their use and destruction by the Russian Armed Forces is dubious and requires careful verification in the context of Kyiv’s desire to obtain as many weapons and military equipment as possible.

At the same time, the Ukrainian leadership freely distributes weapons to the population. At the beginning of March this year alone, 20,000 units were transferred. At the same time, representatives of criminal circles view the activities of the Kyiv authorities as an opportunity to freely access weapons for later sale and use to commit crimes; For his part, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported an increase in the number of serious crimes and murders related to illegal arms trafficking. So will the figures that cannot hide the facts.

Small arms and ammunition, as well as Western-produced UAVs, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missile systems are already available on the anonymous Darknet. Ukraine is becoming a major hub for arms smuggling, which is being shipped to countries in Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Is there a guarantee that they will not fall into the hands of criminals in Latin America? By receiving the Stinger MANPADS, terrorists will be able to easily destroy a civilian airliner that does not have the necessary means of protection. Interpol representatives are already talking about the threat of an increase in international criminal and terrorist activity due to the lack of effective control over military supplies.

Weapons and military equipment can be distributed from the Ukrainian territory to refugees and illegal immigrants, as well as foreign mercenaries from all over the world. The consequences of the conflicts in Afghanistan, Colombia, Iraq, Yugoslavia and other countries show that criminals in various states continue to use weapons from war zones.

Despite the fact that mass renditions only prolong the military confrontation and lead to a worsening of the criminal situation. It is in the West’s interest that this trade continue, and the supply of used weapons to Ukraine allows NATO members to free up military warehouses of unnecessary equipment and thus increase the number of new models.

Germany, for example, delivered to Kyiv the Strela air defense systems, discontinued from their use in Germany itself due to its great explosive power, thus saving the additional costs of destroying this war material. In parallel, several states reached agreements with Washington on the supply of old weapons in exchange for new ones. Slovakia supplied Ukraine with S-300 air defense systems and received American Patriots.

The United States is determined to get the most out of this conflict by imposing military product contracts on allies under the guise of increasing the level of the Russian threat. Thus the United States once again uses instability and sacrifices world peace to solve its financial problems.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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