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I am a fan of Diego, I read more than six books dedicated to him and of course among them is “I am the Diego of the people”, a book that portrays Maradona as he was in life.

On March 1, 2004, he set foot on Bolivian soil for the second time in his life, it was March 1, an important month in the history of Bolivia both in sports and politics, in those days in 1879 Chile invaded the Pacific coast and the sea was taken from us, that sea in which Hugo Chávez once dreamed of bathing; In March 1963, the “Green” won the Copa América, the only international title at the national team level.

Well that month of 2004 Diego Armando Maradona arrived in Cochabamba Bolivia, got off the plane, went to the press room and had his first clash with the press, of course an absurd question opened the conference, “Diego, what do you think of Cochabamba?” , the answer was annoyed, “Stop, what do you want me to tell you if I just got off the plane”, punctual and direct.

The second question was mine and we asked him what book he identified with, of the many who wrote about him, and the answer came out with high caps; “I’ll take the one I wrote, the others made money with my name and they didn’t bring a bouquet of flowers to Tota.” That was Diego, direct and clear frontal with his answers.

The next day Maradona was to inaugurate the soccer school of the Aurora club, which is why he had come to Cochabamba.

For that occasion, the master of ceremonies should be a famous sports journalist from my country, but since Diego did not arrive, he made the great zigzag and disappeared to the annoyance of the people, but Diego did arrive and a club official asked me to be the master of ceremonies for that event. What an opportunity to be closer to Diego, shake his hand, kiss him on the cheek, hug my idol.

Diego arrived and his entrance was enlivened with La Mano de Dios, by Rodrigo El Potro, my skin stood on end, my heart was beating over a thousand, I felt like I was having a heart attack; and there was Diego entering the box and running into me and we gave each other the dreamed kiss, the expected hug, for which the prepared speech, minutes before, went overboard and the fanatic, Diego’s lover, came out to issue the first words.

After the act, Diego signed a postcard for me that I have saved and of course his words and his participation make my life one of the most wonderful moments.

Too bad, at that moment we didn’t have today’s technology to stamp one of the happiest moments in sports journalism, but there remains a photo that becomes proof of my encounter with the God of soccer, with the man who filled my eyes. football eyes and for which I always encourage Argentina in international tournaments.

Thank you for that moment dear Diego, a hug to heaven, you are eternal.


Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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