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The vice president of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, denounced this Tuesday the court and the prosecutor’s office in the Highway case for manipulating the events against her during her intervention in the last stage of the trial. in sequence:

CFK asked to extend the accusation to defendants for an attack against him

The former president stated that “this is more than a lawfare court, it is a real firing squad. It began with the incredible diatribe in which prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Mola dedicated themselves to insulting, offending, insulting and acting illegally”.

In this sense, he stressed that “for 20 days they invented facts, hid others, misrepresented, lied and finally, on September 1 (…), a person tried to kill me and the shot did not go off.”

At the same time, Fernández questioned the alleged accusation of fraud against the public administration while expressing that his administration “delivered a country free of debt.”

Based on this, the vice president stressed that “however, those who brought the IMF and 45 billion dollars that we do not know where they are, they do not have any problem; They are in Qatar watching the World Cup”.

“In the defense arguments it was shown that each and every one of the things that had been accused by the prosecutor were lies. A few days ago I found out in another defense, that even Google had shown that what they said regarding a certain fact was not true”, emphasized the Argentine leader.

In turn, he pointed out that “the judicial party” replaced the military party, which conditions, obstructs, and attacks democracy by stigmatizing political spaces and their leaders “so that no one ever dares to do the things we did again.” U.S”.

In line, he pointed out that it is a disciplinary stance against those who paid the fund and recovered the Retirement and Pension Fund Administrators (AFJP), as well as the Fiscal Oil Fields (YPF).

For its part, the Federal Oral Court 2 reported that on December 6 it will deliver the verdict in the case involving 12 years in prison and his perpetual disqualification from public office for alleged irregularities in public works in Santa Cruz in the period of 2003. to 2015.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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