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Nearly 86 percent of the population of Peru rejects the management of Congress, while the approval of President Pedro Castillo increases, according to the results of a survey published on Sunday by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP). in sequence:

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The results of the survey indicate that during the month of November the disapproval of Parliament rose from 81 to 86 percent, with barely 10 percent full acceptance, making it the power of the Peruvian State with the greatest popular rejection.

On the other hand, support for Castillo increased from 28 to 31 percent in the period, with an upward trend in Lima, supposedly with an opposition majority, which is equivalent to saying that three out of 10 respondents favorably evaluate his management.

#IEP Survey
86% of respondents disapprove of the performance of Congress. In the case of the President of Congress, José Williams, his disapproval is 68%. In addition, those with a greater interest in politics tend to disapprove of Congress and its president to a greater degree.

— IEP (@IEPeruanos)
November 27, 2022

The IEP survey also reveals that only eight percent of Peruvians want Parliament to survive in the face of a hypothetical disqualification of Pedro Castillo as head of the nation.

On the contrary, faced with this possible reality, 81 percent of those interviewed preferred the option of calling general and parliamentary elections, a process known as “que se vayan todos”, an alternative solution to the political crisis currently facing the powers of the Condition.

The right-wing opposition has allegedly failed to pressure Castillo to resign through street marches, the survey indicates, since only 12 percent of those consulted participated in a protest demonstration during the last year.

From June to November, according to the IEP, presidential approval has gone up 12 points and disapproval has gone down 10 points. Points more or points less, the trend is similar in the IPSOS survey…

– José De Echave (@jdeechave)
November 27, 2022

These days, Congress is preparing a motion for the temporary disqualification of Castillo, a process that would strip him of his immunity and put him at the mercy of the National Prosecutor’s Office, an instance that is investigating him for alleged corruption.

According to IEP data, 1,217 people from 24 departments and 150 provinces throughout the Andean country participated in the survey, randomly selected through cell phone services.

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