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The former prosecutor of the Specialized Anti-drug Unit of the Public Ministry and former Vice Minister of Internal Security of Paraguay, Javier Ibarra, was found dead this Friday, the National Police of the South American country reported. in sequence:

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The lifeless body of the former official was found by an employee of his inside the kitchen of his home, located in a residential neighborhood in the city of San Lorenzo, Central Department.

After the autopsy carried out by forensic doctors at the judicial morgue, it was determined that the man had two bullet wounds to the head, with entry but not exit holes, and no other signs of violence on the body.

Javier Ibarra Case: The State Attorney General Sandra Quiñonez formed a work team made up of the Organized Crime prosecutor Andres Arriola, and the prosecutors Julio Ortiz and the prosecutor Gerardo Mosquiera, at the request of the deputy prosecutor for the area Roberto Zacarias

– Paraguayan Prosecutor’s Office (@MinPublicoPy)
November 25, 2022

“We always start from the worst hypothesis, so at this time, we investigate (the case) as a homicide, before analyzing other elements. Preliminarily, there is talk of 22-caliber bullets or similar,” said Commissioner César Silguero, head of Homicide for the National Police.

“He (Javier Ibarra) was in the kitchen and the weapons were elsewhere. There are no signs of forcing locks,” the agent said.

Silguero assured that the investigation into the death of the former prosecutor is “complex.” “We will continue to investigate. Apparently, it’s a neighbor who found it. We have no information on previous reports of threats. We are going to do a re-inspection of the home, ”he said.

He mentioned that the former deputy minister had previously denounced threats against his physical integrity after leaving this position, so it is not ruled out that it could have been a commissioned murder linked to organized crime and that it could even be related to the crime of the former Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Pecci as a file burning.

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