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The president of Peru, Pedro Castillo, announced Thursday night that he will renew his ministerial cabinet after accepting the resignation presented to him by the prime minister, Aníbal Torres. in sequence:

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The president’s decision occurred hours after the board of directors of Congress rejected “outright” the request for a vote of confidence made by Torres, “because it deals with prohibited matters for its approach.”

“After this express refusal of confidence, with the expression of flat rejection, and having accepted the resignation of the prime minister, whom I thank for his concern and his work for the country, I will renew the cabinet,” Castillo revealed in a message. to the nation.

President @PedroCastilloTe: “Congress has flatly rejected the request for confidence requested by the president of the Council of Ministers that expressed itself in repealing Law No. 31399, a law that snatched and prevents the right of all citizens to political participation.”

– Presidency of Peru ���� (@presidenciaperu)
November 25, 2022

The now ex-premier had requested to repeal Law 31,399, considering that it is a norm that prevents the right of all citizens to political participation directly and without intermediaries, through the referendum.

Law 31,399 establishes that any referendum that implies a constitutional reform must first be approved by the Legislative branch.

Castillo stressed that the right of citizens to have direct political participation through the referendum has been impeded.

“The right to exercise it again has been arbitrarily taken away from us. We wanted to return this right, but certain congressional groups have decided to reject it,” he said.

“Laws such as the return of Fonavi funds or the non-reelection of congressmen would not be a reality today, if the people had not decided in a referendum. This law, arbitrarily, has taken away our right to exercise it again, ”he stressed in his message.

The ruler also denounced that from Congress, opposition political groups insist on vacancy requests (presidential removal), “with false complaints, with denatured suspensions and crude accusations such as treason, which are nothing more than turning their backs on him to the will of the citizens.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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