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Hope is lit in Puerto Rico, with the historic announcement that we are on our way to unity in action, which will allow us to defeat the colonial, neoliberal and corrupt bi-partisanship, in the 2024 elections.

Accessing the government with all its limitations represents an essential step forward to advance the decolonization process of Puerto Rico and improve our quality of life. It is not enough to just fight for immediate demands that allow environmental citizen conquests, for human rights and in defense of our heritage, among others.

All these sectoral struggles are essential, but from the administration of the state, we can stop the sale of our national territory piece by piece and the privatization of public services and recover labor rights. In addition, rebuild our battered economy, emphasizing cooperativism, food sovereignty, and attacking the roots of enormous social inequality.

To achieve this, it is necessary to move from the rhetoric of the alliance, to negotiation in good faith, putting Puerto Rico first, on behalf of the Movimiento Victoria Ciudadana (MVC) and the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP). This budding agreement will allow us to confront the tyranny and looting of the two traditional parties, devoted to big capital and public corruption, already totally discredited.

Victoria Ciudadana, founded on March 11, 2019, with the wise young leadership of Alexandra Lúgaro and Manuel Natal Albelo, as well as the renewed PIP, under the effective direction of Juan Dalmau Ramírez, organized since October 20, 1946, thus have a huge responsibility. Beyond the conciliatory attitude of its top leaders, we are now entering the decisive stage of agreeing on a political and electoral strategy with respect, historical sense, and social commitment.

The main objective is to institute an honest government, the rescue of public institutions and a process of decolonization, through a Constitutional Assembly of Status. This common vision will culminate in a democratic government and for social justice, which will establish a public policy where the poorest, workers and small businesses will first be defended.

For the MVC, which has become the third political force in the country since its first electoral participation in 2020, this unitary effort is an integral part of a broader political strategy. It tries to group all the wills, above the preferences of status. The basic political and economic principles are contained in the strategic founding document “The Urgent Agenda”.

Let us remember that it has been the political division around status preferences between independence, free association and annexation, the poison pill that has kept the people stagnant for more than a century, where “divide and rule” has triumphed. , to the blessing of the colonial power.

Now Victoria Ciudadana tries to break that knot that is so harmful to the country’s history, with the multiplying force of unity in action, not only at the electoral level, but in the daily struggle for a dignified quality of life. This call has had the majority support of the people, as reflected in all the opinion polls and the surveys of the corrupt and traditional colonialist parties.

On the other hand, embracing the electoral alliance is much more difficult for the PIP, because it has never promoted it, during its entire existence (1946-2022). It was in 2020, where Juan Dalmau announced for the first time that his vote was not an endorsement of independence, but rather support for a government program called “Patria Nueva”. This new opening towards other ideological sectors by the PIP fully coincides with the “Urgent Agenda” of Victoria Ciudadana.

In this way, it was that Juan Dalmau, achieved unprecedented support as a candidate for Governor for the PIP, reaching 174,402 thousand votes, for 13.7% of the votes, while the candidate of Victoria Ciudadana, Alexandra Lúgaro, obtained 179,265 thousand votes for 14.2%. A total of 353 thousand votes, which represents 28% between both candidacies. The colonial governorship was won with a meager 33.24% in 2020, by the annexationist party.

Let’s not forget that the MVC drew nearly double the total votes of the PIP in 2020, with 113,000 to 60,000 votes, respectively. Also that Juan Dalmau, was the charismatic figure who achieved 110 thousand additional votes to the full votes of the PIP, for his candidacy.

This reality is the key to understanding the existing correlation of forces, which could defeat the PNP-PPD. Now it is necessary to agree, without haste but without pause, to achieve the conquest of the government for the first time, by the progressive forces in 2024.

The objective conditions are ripe to achieve this, given the collapse of the current neoliberal government and the cruel impoverishment of our population. What is essential is that at the negotiating table of the “Country Alliance”, they agree to nominate common candidates for all the elective positions of the new government, avoiding the division of votes, in all instances.

These include the candidacy for Governor, Resident Commissioner in the US Congress, Legislators by Accumulation, by Districts and Municipalities. Also the Mayors (as) in the 78 Municipalities of Puerto Rico. That is the biggest challenge we have ahead of us. We must already auscultate the people who will be made available. Gone are the selfish moves that characterize the traditional political class.

It is necessary to be fully aware and insist that unity in electoral action is essential, to succeed in this historical situation favorable to the victory of the people. Only with detachment and a constructive and supportive vision of Victoria Ciudadana, the PIP and the social movements, will we achieve the historic objective of winning the 2024 elections. Let’s get to work.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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