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Assault rifles from Ecuadorian Navy base stolen | News

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The Ecuadorian Navy made public this Saturday through a statement the theft of 12 Ak-47 type rifles from its facilities at the San Bernardo base in Guayaquil. in sequence:

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The text specifies that these same types of weapons were used a few weeks ago in a shooting against a police unit in the municipality of Durán, Guayas, after which eight people were arrested.

The statement also added that the pertinent authorities are conducting investigations to find the whereabouts of the weapons and capture the thieves.

This theft occurs while the province of Guayas is one of the three that are under the emergency regime due to a series of attacks and violent acts that occurred at the beginning of November.

According to the administration headed by President Guillermo Lasso, the violence is caused by drug gangs’ dispute over control of territories, which has led to hundreds of murders both in prisons and on the streets.

However, analysts consider that this situation is also caused by the lack of public investment in social areas and security institutions, in addition to the fact that organized crime has given the South American country a new role in drug routes to the north, where consumers are found.

Official data highlights that until the beginning of November the homicide rate in Ecuador was 20.59 per 100 inhabitants, which places it as the highest in the history of the South American nation.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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