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They demand in El Salvador justice for the murder of six Jesuits | News

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The Jesuit community of El Salvador and hundreds of citizens demanded this Saturday the clarification of the murders of six priests and three women committed by the army during the civil war (1980-1992). in sequence:

200 Homicides Denounced in Exception Regime in El Salvador

With lights, candles, flowers and photos of the victims, hundreds of people made a procession through the campus of the Central American Jesuit University (UCA) in San Salvador, capital of the country, scene of the events in 1989.

“The truth is a right of the people to know who were the ones who committed these heinous crimes (of priests and women) and why they committed them so that they do not happen again,” the current rector of the UCA told the press. , the priest Andreu Oliva.

Thirty-three years ago I had to say before the coffins of the Jesuits, “They have not killed the Society of Jesus, they have not killed the UCA.” Today other Jesuits and laity continue to demonstrate with their lives and service that what was said 33 years ago is true.

– José María Tojeira (@ChemaTojeira)
November 12, 2022

For her part, one of the participants in the pilgrimage told local media that “the murdered priests were good people who fought for the poor, that’s why we remember them and ask for justice.”

On the occasion of the commemoration, the Roque Dalton University Front (FURD) demanded through a statement the need to “bring to light all the atrocities committed by the army in the military dictatorships and what the neoliberal right continued until today.”

“Because the struggle is fair, hope does not fade,” was the motto chosen for the 33rd anniversary of the events, while they await justice against the masterminds of the massacre.

In September 1991, a court judged only nine soldiers as material authors of the events, according to documents from humanitarian organizations.

Those attending the ceremony on the UCA campus recalled that the massacre occurred in that precise place on the morning of November 16, 1989 at the hands of the now-defunct Atlacatl battalion, in the midst of a guerrilla offensive on San Salvador.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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