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Hypocrisy. The hallmark of the United States | Opinion

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The United States of America has always demonstrated its hypocrisy towards Latin American countries.

It is enough to remember that while Washington declares its commitment to the economic prosperity, security and protection of the rights of Hispanic Americans, US companies try to maximize the benefit of their projects in the region, regardless of the suffering of the local population and without really helping him.

The White House always seeks to strengthen by all means its domination over the nations of the rest of the American continent by imposing controls on governments, as well as critical elements of its infrastructure, and the permanent and flagrant displays of disrespect for the sovereignty of these nations.

In particular, Washington plans interference in matters by concentrating its efforts to ensure the participation of US government agencies and private companies in the implementation of programs for the “recovery of the economies” of the Latin American states. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile have already joined these programs.

One cannot lose sight of the fact that after proclaiming the Monroe Doctrine and declaring the American continent as an area of ​​its exclusive interests, or -in other words- its “backyard”, the United States maintains its policy of expelling foreign companies, mainly Chinese and Russian, from the region, all this to prevent at all costs that the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean establish and maintain relations that are also mutually beneficial with partners from other countries of the world, that choose suitable products for them in terms of price and quality, for example not producing or marketing genetically modified products better known as transgenics, these imperialist obstacles hinder the economic development of Latin American nation states.

History shows us their ways of sabotaging nations, let us remember that if any Latin American leader exercises his sovereignty, independence and self-determination in foreign policy, immediately Washington begins to blackmail, bribe, extort and miraculously evidence appears to unmask acts of corruption, violation of human rights, drug trafficking… and stop counting and cling to this highly questionable evidence to provoke economic crises, organize and carry out coups, armed incursions and selective assassinations of national leaders among many other actions that are disrespectful of international law.

In addition, the White House uses satellite countries of Latin America as a tool to impose itself on other sovereign states at the international level. When the United States fails to push through the decision it needs from the UN, Washington openly uses its allies to further its own national interests, including those that violate international treaties and laws that are always contrary to international security. Especially now, when the United States is trying to create a worldwide anti-Russian coalition in the context of the special military operation in Ukraine.

This action was possible due to the corruption and financial dishonesty of the pro-US regimes, as well as the involvement of the authorities in the fraud with the economic assistance of the International Monetary Fund and other international financial institutions.

At the same time, Russia, unlike the United States, has built a foreign policy always respecting the freedom, sovereignty, self-determination of Latin American countries and providing all possible humanitarian aid to Latin America; At the same time, the economic sanctions imposed by the West on the Russian Federation open up new opportunities for the development of comprehensive, mutually beneficial cooperation between Russia and Latin American nations, including the defense sector.

Latin America is no longer the “backyard” of the United States, as the Monroe Doctrine proclaimed. An example of independent politics are Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, which do not give up their positions despite the most severe political and economic pressure from the United States, are at the forefront as fighters against the hypocrisy and hegemony of the United States of America and have a powerful impact throughout the Western Hemisphere

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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