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President of Bolivia inaugurates work of the technical commission that will define the date of the census | News

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The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, inaugurated this Friday night the work of the technical table that will have the purpose of defining the date of the new national census, a framework in which he denounced attempts by the extreme right to overthrow him. in sequence:

President Arce will attend a census meeting in Bolivia

At the table’s installation ceremony, held in the city of Trinidad, capital of the department of Beni, located in the north-central part of the country, the president asked that the topic of debate should not serve to satisfy whims or political calculations.

“This look at the census issue unfortunately generated a political approach, since it was not only used as an instrument to destabilize the government, but also seeks to overthrow it,” said the Bolivian head of state.

(Thread) Today, as few times in the country’s history, the technical responses will also have great political importance. In time to inaugurate this technical table, I call, once again, to put aside all interest that is not that of the whole of Bolivian society.

– Luis Alberto Arce Catacora (Lucho Arce) (@LuchoXBolivia)
November 5, 2022

He stressed that “this table is of vital importance to continue providing certainty and solutions, above the whims, underground agreements and political calculations.”

The president, in this way, made reference to the indefinite strike that has been carried out in the department of Santa Cruz, for two weeks, and that has been promoted by authorities and conservative social groups in that region.

President Luis Arce inaugurated the work of the technical table that, in Trinidad-Beni, begins its work this Saturday to define the date of the census. He denounced that the topic is used to try to overthrow him and confirmed that it should not serve to satisfy whims or political calculations: @teleSURtv

– Freddy Morales (@FreddyteleSUR)
November 5, 2022

He said that for him something that is inalienable and is not subject to any negotiation is that to define a date the democratic principle must govern, which means that it should not happen that no Bolivian can be excluded from being registered for geographical or climatic reasons.

“The one that this commission determines will be the date that, through a supreme decree of the national government, will set as the definitive date for carrying out the population and housing census in our country,” concluded President Arce.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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