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Colombian Congress approves Total Peace Law promoted by the Government | News

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The plenary sessions of the Senate and the House of Representatives of Colombia approved on Thursday the report of Law 181, known as the total peace legislation, which will allow the Government of Gustavo Petro to dialogue with different armed groups in the country. in sequence:

Colombian Congress approves total peace law

The initiative promoted by President Gustavo Petro contemplates the legal framework for the peace policy, establishing the obligation of those who succeed him in power to continue the dialogues in favor of the peace process, as well as the agreements and the implementation of the same.

The total peace law was approved with 128 votes in favor and 7 against and will be sent to the House of Nariño so that President Petro can sanction it.

Within the law, the proposal of social service for peace was maintained as an alternative to compulsory military service.

“It is a law that, basically, what it delivers are instruments to the President of the Republic, the High Commissioner for Peace, the National Government and will allow progress to achieve total peace in Colombia,” said the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, after its approval by the plenary session of Congress.

Great news for the country and for all Colombians who long for our children and grandchildren to grow up in a country free of war where dialogue prevails over any form of violence. #NoMoreBlood

The #TotalPeace is going to presidential sanction. �� ��

– Alfonso Prada (@alfonsoprada)
November 4, 2022

The senator for the Historical Pact, Iván Cepeda, stated that the law is the most solid and inclusive approved to date in the country that has the indispensable instruments to lay the foundations and inaugurate an era of peace.

The conciliation of the Total Peace Law has just been approved in both chambers. This is the most solid and inclusive State policy in this area approved to date in the country that has the essential instruments to lay the foundations and inaugurate an era of peace.

– Iván Cepeda Castro (@IvanCepedaCast)
November 4, 2022

The initiative establishes that the representatives authorized by the Colombian government will have the power to “engage in conversations and dialogues with structures or organized armed groups.”

In addition, these representatives may sign agreements with the spokespersons or representative members of the illegal armed groups in order to obtain solutions to the armed conflict.

The total peace law included the creation of a National Program for the Voluntary Surrender of Weapons, which contemplates that people who avail themselves of this policy could be beneficiaries of non-prosecution for carrying weapons.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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