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Ecuadorian authorities regain control after prison riot | News

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Ecuadorian prison authorities reported this Friday that the security forces managed to maintain control of pavilion 2 of the Litoral Penitentiary after several days of violence. in sequence:

Ecuador reports the arrest of 53 suspects after attacks

The director general of the National Service for Comprehensive Care for Adults Deprived of Liberty and Adolescent Offenders (SNAI), Guillermo Rodríguez, reported that more than a thousand ammunition, large caliber weapons and ballistic weapons were seized.

In this sense, the head of the SNAI reported that 15 members of the Police and the Armed Forces were injured while specifying that since Thursday they have transferred 417 detainees for a total of 1,419 relocated detainees.

However, Rodríguez assured that despite the injuries “the purpose of achieving objectives has not been bowed, we are going to reduce overcrowding, improve infrastructure and generate a new process of social rehabilitation.”

From this, the officer emphasized that it is a planned operation and cleans up the occurrence of massacres in the prison and with the participation of observers from the Human Rights Secretariat, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ombudsman’s Office.

At the same time, he pointed out that an intervention will be carried out to improve the infrastructure, meanwhile, the consular pavilion will be demolished after considering that it does not meet the conditions for the rehabilitation process.

The ringleaders, violent criminals who led the “Chone Killer” Organized Crime Group and encouraged armed resistance to the personnel of the @PoliceEcuador Y @FFAAECUADOR today in Pavilion 2 of the Litoral Penitentiary, they already keep prison in the Rock.

— Guillermo Lasso (@LassoGuillermo)
November 4, 2022

For his part, the Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso, pointed out “the ringleaders, violent criminals who led the “Chone Killer” Organized Crime Group and promoted armed resistance to Police and Armed Forces personnel today in Pavilion 2 of the Penitentiary of the Litoral, they already keep a prison in the Rock”.

In this sense, he added that “we are harshly confronting those who interrupted their peace of mind. Know that I will defend Ecuadorians and democracy to the last consequences. Together we will defeat organized crime, drug trafficking and their links to politics.”

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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