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Bolivian Government announces installation date of the census commission | News

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The president of Bolivia, Luis Arce, affirmed on Wednesday that next Friday will be the installation of the technical commission that will decide the date of the population census in the South American country. in sequence:

Unions demand the resignation of the governor of Santa Cruz, Bolivia

To President Luis Arce announcing the start date of the work of the technical commission that will set the date of the census, the president, maintained that it will provide certainty to the population about the execution and quality of the census process and urged to put down any pressure measure that goes against the process.

Through his Twitter account, Luis Arce pointed out that the formation of the commission, which will have the support of international organizations, is the response to the proposals of the more than 300 elected authorities gathered at the Plurinational Meeting for a Census with Consensus.

(Thread) With the installation of the technical commission that will decide the date of the Census, we give certainty to the population about the execution and quality of the census process. We exhort to put down any measure of pressure that threatens the reconstruction of #Santa Cruz

– Luis Alberto Arce Catacora (Lucho Arce) (@LuchoXBolivia)
November 3, 2022

The Minister of Development Planning, Sergio Cusicanqui, and the presidential spokesman, Jorge Richter, announced in the city of Santa Cruz that there are no reasons to maintain the pressure measures and it is time to reassure the people of Santa Cruz and the Bolivian people.

The day before, the presidential spokesman revealed that a meeting was held with representatives of the Inter-institutional Committee of Santa Cruz and that a preliminary agreement was reached to pacify the department.

We always call for dialogue and the invitation remains open, because we trust that it is the best mechanism for conflict resolution. It’s time to give peace to the people of Santa Cruz.

– Luis Alberto Arce Catacora (Lucho Arce) (@LuchoXBolivia)
November 3, 2022

However, that understanding was dismissed in less than 24 hours by the followers of the Santa Cruz governor, Luis Fernando Camacho.

According to the official, Jorge Richter, at Tuesday’s meeting, a commitment was agreed between those who maintain the indefinite strike and those who are marching to Santa Cruz to defuse the tension and enable dialogue.

As a second point, President Arce’s proposal to leave the date of the Census open was picked up, and thirdly, the initiative of the Plurinational Meeting that a technical table define the date of the national survey was ratified.

The Minister of Planning, Sergio Cusicanqui: “Throughout the month of August we have had the opportunity to visit the nine departmental capitals plus the city of #The tall to socialize the entire census process and inform all the authorities present”.

– Bolivia Official TV (@Canal_BoliviaTV)
November 3, 2022

The fourth pre-agreement was that the understanding reached be reflected in a document and presented to the country as a commitment by both parties.

The national consultation was supposed to take place this November, but the Arce government announced its postponement in July, arguing technical reasons, which led to a protest in the Santa Cruz region.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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