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Brazil: The return of a people | Opinion

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“The best trick of the bad guys is to make us believe they are good.”

Charles Baudelaire

We know that conservatives are clearly and immediately linked to fear. It is part of a right-wing strategy to instill fear, violence, with a large dose of hate in their speeches. That is why today the traditional right has become the far right where its main “attributes” are based on lies and the total destruction of the social policy that previous governments have built.

Therefore, it is up to the people to achieve the happiness of the whole and break social inertia to improve their situation and control the situation more than those who are crouched, on the defensive, trying to preserve their status and privilege.

Memory is essential to achieve these goals, so that liars have fewer opportunities.

Thanks to his memory, the majority of the Brazilian people achieved a transcendental step, which allowed its president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, to win for the third time.

The same Lula who rescued more than 38 million Brazilians from hunger during his first presidency in 2003, the one who offered and gave work, to allow the poorest to begin the essential act of eating three times a day, in addition to installing electricity and possibilities to buy your own house or go on vacation. The former metallurgical worker persecuted and unjustly imprisoned by former judge Sergio Moro for 580 days, which paved the way for Bolsonaro to be elected in 2019. The same as when he was a child he marched from Pernambuco to São Paulo fleeing from hunger and misery to which they were sentenced millions of compatriots by past governments and dictatorships. The three-time president today, who founded the PT (Workers’ Party) and translated the Zero Hunger Plan into social programs, increasing the minimum wage according to inflation, and abandoning poverty so absurdly naturalized for the majority, especially for the poor and black.

It is true that it was a tight victory, and many wonder how it is possible that the neo-Nazi Jair Bolsonaro, after four years of looting and corruption, has achieved such a high vote. Owner of a misogynistic, lying, crude and racist discourse, Bolsonaro was accompanied by soldiers who participated in torture in the dictatorship that ruled this country between 1964-1985. Far from the most vulnerable sectors, it expressed a pseudo-nationalism that was based on an absolute contempt for any type of opposition.

However, the most serious aspect of his clearly fascist government was the manipulation of the hegemonic media networks of the largest country in Latin America, including the powerful O’Globo network, which did their daily work, poisoning minds through fake news, stigmatization and hatred that, as in the rest of the continent, make up the main weapon of the ruling classes, along with the lawfare of blackmail and corruption.

Indispensable tools for a group of unscrupulous that makes them more powerful.

Perhaps the greatest success of these enemies of the people is not only the entrenchment of extreme right-wing positions in 49% of Brazilian society, but also the incorporation of a mass of oppressed people into their policies in favor of a small and select caste of billionaires. .

All this combined with gangster actions in the Northeast of the country – a region where Lullism was most favored by the votes of the people – and unusual violence for this type of democratic event.

It is no coincidence that three marked students of the fiercest neoliberalism have not been re-elected in America (Trump, Macri and Bolsonaro cases).

“The Brazilian people have the right to dream of a Brazil in which love prevails,” said the three-time elected president.

Beyond the hopes of a people, the first months of the next Lula government will not be easy at all. He arrives too conditioned by an alliance with different political sectors, among which are a vice president who represents the business right, evangelical and ecological parties, and others who will count their votes in exchange for interference in official decisions.

It is clear that in order not to go backwards and prevent any advance of neoliberalism, a policy of training cadres within the PT is also necessary, which allows Lula a greater dialogue from the bottom up so as not to depend on unilateral decisions, and form this way a real change in the coming months.

A pending issue, which requires a deeper analysis. As well as the unity with related governments of Our America that allows us to negotiate in international forums through common interests, such as those that not long ago (Mar del Plata summit in 2005), Lula himself knew how to carry out, together with Néstor Kirchner, Evo Morales, Hugo Chávez, among others, via Mercosur, Una Sur and other regional blocs.

October 30, 2022, will be the day in Brazil, which won democracy, freedom and peace.

It will be the day that marked the return of a people.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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