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Colombia will declare disaster areas due to heavy rains | News

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The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, announced that next Monday he will declare Colombia a “natural disaster” to have more resources in the face of the effects of the torrential rains that winter has brought to his country. in sequence:

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During an act in the town of Bosconia, Cesar state, in the north of the country, Petro set out to help the inhabitants of 700 municipalities declared in emergency, in crisis due to severe flooding and hunger.

“On Monday, at the National Risk Council, a natural disaster was declared in Colombia. The declaration of disaster will allow us to move resources that were budgeted by the previous government and that are this year’s budget,” said the president.

The leader of the Historical Pact explained that with this measure they will be able to move resources from games that are not being executed to serve the population.

“Where there are games (…) in some ministry, in some entity, for any objective other than this, but it is no longer seen that it is going to be executed, we are going to add all that. It will be several million pesos”, he pointed out.

“Each municipality must anticipate and make a possible risk map to determine where this risk is due to climate variations. The accumulation of water generates weakness and vulnerability, this becomes fatal if we have not prevented the risk”: President @petrogustavo.

– Colombian Presidency ���� (@infopresidency)
October 28, 2022

He also clarified that in some provinces it will be necessary to definitively relocate people in places of danger.

“If it is rural, on farms where an agrarian reform can even begin, if it is urban, then hopefully building habitats where people can live better now, without breaking the foundations of their own economy,” he said.

The winter wave that is just beginning, influenced by the “La Niña” phenomenon, has so far taken the lives of 200 Colombians due to floods, flash floods, landslides, damage to roads, crops and homes in various regions of the South American nation.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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