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Leader of the Bartolinas denounces death threats in Bolivia | News

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The executive secretary of the organization of Native Indigenous Peasant Women of Santa Cruz “Bartolina Sisa” in Bolivia, Felipa Yalily Montenegro, denounced this Wednesday in statements to teleSUR threats by representatives of Governor Fernando Camacho’s entourage. in sequence:

President of Bolivia affirms that the issue of the census should involve everyone

Yalily indicated that “she is receiving death threats, (her) family is in danger just for going out to the media and asking for what we deserve as women: respect for work, continue circulating, the right to education for our children, the right to health for our brothers and sisters in this department of Santa Cruz”.

In addition, he specified that his life is in danger “just as a member of a very humble family, the husband of a Bartolina sister who has taken his life, has just died three days ago, they have murdered him. They want to do the same with me.”

In that sense, she calls for the complaint to be replicated by international human rights and women’s defense organizations “so that they can do something, my life is in danger,” she says. The leader asked the governor and people around her to “let the women go to work” to work.

The complaint not only refers to Governor Camacho, but also to civic leader Rómulo Calvo and the rector of the Gabriel René Moreno Autonomous University (UAGRM), Vicente Cuéllar.

The call recalls that they are “original indigenous peasant women who do not harm anyone, we dedicate ourselves to working and producing our land to be able to contribute to the family basket.”

Likewise, he denounced that the strike promoted by the governor is threatening the lives of leaders and simple peasants and is harassing the federation he directs, which is made up, as he recalled, “by pure women.”

“They want to finish us off,” she said, while recalling the death of the partner of one of the members of the women’s organization.

The feminist leader claimed that it comes from what she called “the culture of brotherhood and solidarity” among all Cruceños and defended her decision to make the complaint public, taking as a reference what happened in the days of the coup against Evo Morales in November 2019.

Yalily was at the forefront of the resistance of the social sectors to a strike called by Camacho and the so-called Inter-institutional Committee regarding the conflict surrounding the carrying out of the population census.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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