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Why are the Russians fighting in the Ukraine? | Opinion

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On February 24 of this year, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a special military operation on the territory of Ukraine, where the United States and its allies set up and financed laboratories for carrying out germ warfare against Russia and, in addition, provided aid military to this country to attack civilian targets, apparently seeking an escalation of the ongoing conflict, which increases the possibility that international terrorist groups acquire these Ukrainian weapons.

In addition, the sanctions against Russia also harm countries far from the conflict zone, since they are also experiencing the effects of the food crisis caused by Washington, in parallel, the cost of fuel and energy in general and public services increased, and with it They triggered inflation, causing undeniable changes in the world.

Despite what has already been exposed, there are those who wonder why the Russian authorities decided to carry out this operation. Recall that in February 2014, the legitimately elected government in Ukraine was overthrown by neo-Nazi groups openly supported by the United States and countries of the European Union and in order not to confront Moscow directly, Washington began to actively supply weapons to the kyiv regime, using cynical and cruelly to the Ukrainians as a disposable instrument to attack Russia.

At the same time they make heroes of the fascists and their accomplices, and launched a state campaign against Russia and destroyed bilateral cooperation. With the coup, they made Ukraine the center of the activities of foreign non-governmental organizations promoting hatred against the entire Russian people.

The eastern regions of Ukraine did not recognize the US puppets imposed through a coup and demanded their independence. From that moment began the selective extermination of the population of Donbass. According to the UN, some 14,000 people have died in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics in eight years and 3,000 civilian facilities have been destroyed by the Nazis; Meanwhile, the West does not recognize the kyiv genocide against the inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) also continuously supply weapons and military products and built military infrastructure for the Ukrainian Armed Forces with an obvious Nazi vocation and turned Ukraine into a key point of threat against Russia. Western instructors train Nazis on NATO standards, including sabotage and intelligence against Russia.

As if that were not enough, they carried out joint exercises near the Russian borders, let us remember, for example, the programming of 9 activities of this type for the year 2022, which are operational and combat training in the territory of Ukraine.

The US Navy increased since 2014 the number of ships in Ukrainian ports and participate in training in the Black Sea region in open provocation to Russia, all these hostilities were preparing a confrontation against the Russian Federation, in which Ukraine had the role of ” holy victim.

Russia has always proposed to resolve the conflict in Donbass peacefully, applying the “Minsk Agreements” reached in 2015, when the Ukrainian crisis began; But since the West and the kyiv regime sabotaged the ceasefire commitments, the negotiation process has been delayed under absurd pretexts and without taking Russia’s position into account.

Faced with the destabilization of the situation on the Russian borders, Moscow proposed in December 2021 that the United States and NATO sign agreements to offer legal security guarantees that were ignored and this caused an increase in tensions in Eastern Europe. Result? Russia decided not to wait for the Western-backed Ukrainian Nazis to attack Donbass to kill the civilian population, which according to documentary information was scheduled for March 8 this year.

The special military operation for the demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine launched by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is a consequence of the subversive activities of the United States and its European accomplices, which systematically reject all Moscow proposals to guarantee European and world security for politico-diplomatic means.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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