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One hundred ships with US gas are stranded off the Spanish coast | Opinion

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Since the end of September, dozens of ships loaded with gas from the United States have been stranded in the Bay of Cádiz (Spain) due to the inability to store them in European ports, which have increased their purchases after the sanctions imposed on Russia to buy their gas .

The queue has worsened in recent hours with more than a hundred anchored ships loaded with liquefied gas with which the European Union intends to deal with the energy crisis after the break with the Russian state Gazprom.

The operator of Spain’s national natural gas network, Enagás, has confirmed that underground and tank storage capacity in Spain is close to 90 percent, something that is happening in other European countries. Spain has 34 percent of the liquefied gas storage plants in the entire European Union, it has six places to be able to unload the gas, however they are almost full.

The images accessed by teleSUR through the public satellite of the European Union Setinel2 show the queue of gas tankers in front of the port of Cádiz. Specifically, the ships are more than 12 miles from the coast, in international waters, waiting for “order” to unload.

Since the crisis between the European Union (EU) and Russia in which it is intended to reduce dependence on Russian gas in the member states, the US has increased its gas sales to the old continent. However, it arrives liquid and must be regasified, a longer and more expensive process that will delay the arrival of gas to European homes in a winter that is expected to be critical

Photo: Sentinel

According to the Vesselfinder application, of the ships stranded off the coast of Cádiz, at least half come from the US. This is the case of the ship with the Greek flag, Tenergy, which left Ingleside (Texas, USA) on 13 September has been waiting more than 20 days for an order to be able to unload at a European regasification plant.

The US is being the great beneficiary of the energy crisis in Europe and the sanctions of the European Union to Russia. The increase in sales of liquefied natural gas has increased in the region and in countries such as Spain it is already the main supplier with 35 percent of the total, leaving Algeria as a second option despite being less than 90 miles away by sea. .

In recent days several ships of the Spanish navy have passed through the area, and these ships are in front of Rota, one of the two US military bases in Spain.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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