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Colombia reaches agreement to promote agrarian reform | News

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The president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, signed this Saturday an agreement between the Government and the Colombian Federation of Cattlemen (Fedegán) to advance in the implementation of the agrarian reform in the country. in sequence:

They denounce the murder of two social activists in Colombia

The pact, also signed by the Minister of Agriculture, Cecilia López Montaño, and the president of Fedegán, José Félix Lafaurie, guarantees the purchase by the Government of three million hectares of land from ranchers with the purpose of allocating them to peasant families without land or do not have enough.

“The social pact and peace are possible,” Petro said through Twitter, where he shared a photograph of the ceremony, which he described as “historic.” Lafaurie, who agrees with this qualification, highlighted the promptness with which an agreement was reached and highlighted the president’s conciliatory and dialoguing attitude.

“The Government could do it without us or even against us, but it has decided to do it with us, and that inclusion has an importance that it doesn’t right now.

The announcement is historic because it is an agreement with Fedegán, one of the sectors that most opposed the Peace Agreement and Gustavo Petro’s presidential campaign.

With the Executive’s purchase of three million hectares, the Land Fund that was designed in the Peace Agreement will be fed and will be delivered to peasants without land or with insufficient land.

The lands will come, according to the Peace Agreement, from six sources: domain extinction; vacant lots recovered in favor of the nation; lands from the updating of environmental protection standards; undeveloped land; purchased land; donations.

In this sense, Fedegán made its institutional capacity available to the Government to identify properties and mediate with the owners affiliated with the livestock guild.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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