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Raúl Castro goes to vote in a popular referendum in Cuba | News

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The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Raúl Castro, exercised his right to vote this Sunday in the referendum on the new Family Code, which is being held throughout the Caribbean country. in sequence:

President of Cuba affirms that the code recognizes all families

Castro arrived accompanied by relatives at polling station number two, in constituency 60, located in the Siboney district, in the capital’s municipality of Playa.

According to the Presidency of Cuba, inside the school he was received by Rebeca López, president of the electoral table, and after completing the search procedure in the list of voters, he received his ballot.

On the morning of this Sunday, September 25, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz exercised his right to vote, as part of the exercise of democratic participation of great importance that this day is experiencing #Cuba: the popular referendum for the #CodeOfTheFamilies.

— Presidency of Cuba ���� (@PresidenciaCuba)
September 25, 2022

In line, where several voters were waiting for their turn to participate in the vote, the Army general was interested in knowing the number of voters in the area and commented on the meteorological event that is approaching Cuba.

In a close dialogue with the two pioneers who guarded the ballot box, as is the tradition in electoral processes in Cuba, the Leader of the Revolution wanted to know if they had gotten up very early to be there and if it was their first time in an event like this . Of them he said: “They are the new generations.”

After fulfilling their right to vote and depositing the ballot in the ballot box, the word Vote! was heard at school, where the pioneer greeting sealed the moment.

Raúl then talked for several minutes with the members of the polling station, to whom he said goodbye: “Have a good day today!”

Some eight million Cubans began voting on Sunday in a referendum that will decide whether or not to apply a new Family Code, previously endorsed by the National Assembly (unicameral parliament).

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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