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Venezuela denounces the impact of the coercive measures imposed | News

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The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, sent this Saturday to the 77th session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) an open letter to humanity, read by Foreign Minister Carlos Faría, in which he denounced the impact in the population of the coercive measures imposed and urged to provide real solutions to various current crises in the world. in sequence:

Parliaments of Venezuela and Colombia celebrate the reopening of the border

“Economically, few know that 913 illegal sanctions weigh on this small but worthy country, which in short prevent my people from selling and buying what they produce and need for the development and enjoyment of our individual and collective existence,” he said. the president in the letter.

In addition, he asserted that this translates, specifically, “into suffering, deprivation and systematic aggressions that restrict life and the collective rights of my country, for which we do not hesitate to denounce these cruel measures as crimes against humanity.”

He specified that this economic war against Venezuela has caused losses that exceed 150,000 million dollars in recent years and increased during the most serious period of Covid-19, when the country was prevented from buying medical supplies, medicines and vaccines.

He asserted that Europe and the United States (USA) took advantage of the stigmatization against Venezuela to steal 31 tons of gold reserves deposited in the Bank of England, calculated at 1,300 million dollars.

He stated that another of the effects of economic aggression has been induced migration, boosted by false promises from some nations.

He explained that those countries and the hegemonic media do not mention that Venezuela has a repatriation policy and that 60 percent of that deceived Venezuelan migration voluntarily returned to the country “fleeing the conditions of slavery and exploitation, as well as mistreatment and persecution to which they are subjected”.

In this sense, he alerted the peoples of the world to “the resurgence of xenophobia and aporophobia, hate speech and crimes, and intolerance in general.”

Denunciation of the hybrid war against Caracas

President Maduro said that Venezuela is the victim of a hybrid war and all manuals have been applied against it to destabilize its democracy and suffocate it politically and economically.

He indicated that, despite this, the Venezuelan people have not given up and “have built their path for the consolidation of social peace, economic recovery and the strengthening of democracy.”

The head of state said that 80 percent of what is consumed is produced in Venezuela and the country can contribute to the world to face food insecurity, in addition to contributing to the energy balance throughout the world as a world power in terms of oil and gas.

The way is dialogue and peace

Addressing the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, he urged to restore the diplomatic path and political dialogue over the military confrontation.

The president assured that “humanity will not survive a world war”, for which it is necessary to defend peace, justice, trust and respect for international law.

In this regard, he endorsed the proposal of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to create an international commission to facilitate sovereign dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, and stated that Venezuela is putting itself in order to facilitate its conditions.

In addition, he rejected the provocations and sanctions against Russia and the hate campaign unleashed against that people.

Abolish the unipolar and colonialist world order

The head of state asserted that the world order faces various crises that are deepening, such as climate, health, social, energy and economic, in addition to the crisis of truth, all of which endanger world peace.

He stated that this world order is shaken by “the crisis of the supremacist, imperialist Western civilizational model”, which does not recognize other models different from its own.

The Venezuelan president affirmed that this world order, which he described as unipolar and colonialist, is incapable of giving satisfactory answers to the problems and needs of humanity.

He warned that the north of the world must recognize and accept the emergence of new powers and leaderships such as Russia, China, India, Iran or Türkiye, and must open up to a multipolar, pluricentric world free of hegemonism.

Rejection of sanctions against other nations

The president demanded that the illegal economic and political sanctions against Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran and Russia be ended.

In addition, he urged to amend the injustice committed against the Palestinian and Saharawi people, who are denied the right to have a homeland.

On the other hand, he demanded that Argentina’s right to the Malvinas Islands be restored.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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