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A former communist party the big loser | Opinion

The elections in Sweden where an extreme right-wing bloc advances and will form a government with a difference of 1-2 deputies. Worrying because the second largest party, Sverigedemokraterna, SD (the Swedish Democrats) gets 20.6 percent. That party has its roots in Swedish Nazism in the 1990s, turned into a racist and far-right party.

The Classical Right Party, Moderaterna, M, gets 19.1 percent and the Liberals (L) and Christian Democrats (Kd) have 4.6 and 5.4 percent, respectively, tremendously pro-Yankee and anti-communist. Together they have 49.7%.

The social democratic bloc & left & green & C obtains: 49%.

The big loser that facilitated the victory of the right was the decisive loss of the former communist party, Vänsterpartiet (V) which 1967 dropped the “S” (Sweden) and added the “V”, Left which changed the name of the party to Vänsterpartiet Kommunisterna , Vpk, but that in 1991, with the fall of real socialism, the “K” (communist) was removed and it only remained as the “Left Party”, Vänsterpartiet, V.

Two parties in parliament are against Sweden’s NATO membership, the aforementioned V party and the Green party, (Miljöpartiet, MP).

But that was not reflected in the election campaign. Not even these two parties wanted a withdrawal of the Social Democratic government’s request to integrate Sweden into NATO. The V party maintained a low-profile and quiet position so as not to disturb the Social Democratic government.


Because the Vänsterpartiet wanted to be a member of the next Social Democratic government, a request that the Social Democrat has always rejected and with the current result it was counterproductive.

For the left party V it was more important to integrate a neoliberal government that has also promoted the integration of Sweden into an alliance of imperialist wars instead of resisting that alliance in the streets and with the social peace movements and in Sweden and to be a party with an anti-imperialist character, faithful to its own history with beautiful actions for the peoples of Vietnam, Latin America and the Caribbean as well as the anti-colonial struggles in Africa.

The V Party has also endorsed and voted in favor of arms shipments to kyiv, just as it endorsed the NATO war during the overthrow of the Libyan government.

It is criticized from the left for the loss of political identity, and for being an anti-Chavista/Venezuelan-, anti-Cuban- and anti-Nicaraguan/anti-Sandinista party, well that’s the bottom line; the loss of 1.6% and 4-5 fewer deputies for the next period.

They did not even recommend the militancy to participate in the mobilizations against NATO that in Sweden carry out military maneuvers in Sweden since 2004 in the north of Sweden, a 15-minute flight from the Russian border.

Sad panorama of a party with a heroic history that constituted 98 percent of the almost 700 Swedish members who participated in the International Brigades that fought with the Republic 1936-39 and against fascism represented by the coup general Francisco Franco. 173 Swedish communists were buried on Spanish soil who gave their lives for the people of Spain.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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