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The United States intends to produce a stampede of Haitians towards the Dominican Republic | Opinion

Undoubtedly, the United States has contemplated including the Dominican Republic and Haiti in its national security strategy, which can be seen in the recent events that have occurred in the Haitian social reality.

The northern country developed a National Security Strategy in 2017 and a National Defense Strategy in 2018, and in both it is clear that it assumes the strategic competence to impose a geostrategic agenda against emerging powers and against some nations. of the Caribbean such as Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua.

Within this framework, it appears that NATO participates in the military deployment of the United States in Latin America and the Caribbean, with much attention to Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia.

The important thing is to take into account that both the security doctrine and the national defense doctrine assume strategic competence for both the emerging countries that are powers and those that are neo-colonies, such as Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Central America.

Security strategy and the ability of the US to impose its agenda

With respect to Haiti and the Dominican Republic, the strategic objective of the United States is to generate a climate of insecurity and destabilization that deepens the Haitian diaspora in the world and in the Dominican Republic. It seeks to facilitate the long-term conditions for the assimilation of the Haitian population in the Dominican Republic and the mental and spiritual domestication of the Dominican population to accept migration to the East as something tangible and the passive acceptance of a regime of economic, social, cultural and ideological.

A status of normal acceptance of the Haitian diaspora is sought and at that point to promote and facilitate refugee camps on the border, the population increase of asylees and the expansion of human occupation throughout the national territory.

Meanwhile, the US governments remain calm waiting for the generation of a state of debate with the collaboration of the groups that support neocolonialism.

Therefore, in a few words, the territory and the Dominican institutions would be proposed as the Dominican solution to the serious economic and social crisis in Haiti. This is what has been said in relation to the crises in both countries.

The situation becomes more profound if we take into account the capacity of the United States to impose its geostrategic agenda, which depends on an alliance with European countries for the defense of the Western world.

And this is so if we take into account the events related to the special military operation carried out by the Russian Government regarding the dangerous aggressions of Ukraine along the border with Russia.

At this time the Security Doctrine and the Defense Doctrine in the face of the events that have been generated and are currently being generated with the Russia-Ukraine situation, the question of security acquires a particular emphasis, since the United States assumes strategic competence against emerging countries like Iran, which reject the imposition of an agenda linked to Europe and the defense of the Western Hemisphere.

NATO in Colombia and the eight United States military bases in Colombia become part of the imperial political interests in Latin America, for which the United States cannot lose sight of the Dominican Republic and Haiti to integrate them into a strategy of domination consisting of vassalage and neo-colonialism.

Why does the US aim to produce a stampede of Haitians towards the Dominican Republic?

The purpose is the fusion of both nations through the intensification of the process of territorial occupation and cultural integration, in order to volatilize and disappear the principles of sovereignty and the constitutional principles of both nations, taking advantage of the natural resources, the raw materials, mining, the monopoly of oil exploration and exploitation, snatching it from both nations for the benefit of their National Security Strategy (2017) and their National Defense Strategy (2018).

In the Caribbean region, the strategic dominance of the United States is facilitated due to the neocolonial character of both countries. The funds for Mexico and other countries are administered by various plans aimed at “combating drug trafficking”, “military training and modernization”, security initiatives in relation to migration and to face “threats” by “malign forces” that could identify themselves as China, Russia, Cuba, Iran and Venezuela, among other “evil” countries.

Several Latin American authors have warned about this, including Aram Aharonian, who has said the following in his article: USA: Six billion dollars to “recover hegemony”, (CLAE, 1-6-21), about the Biden-Harris plan, the following:

“Mexico, Colombia, Panama and those of the Northern Triangle of Central America (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador) are the priority focuses of this Biden-Harris plan. USAID proposes 660 million dollars for the western hemisphere. The State Department’s spending proposal also includes a contribution to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for 300 million, part of which is distributed among pro-US agents in Latin America.

“But to prevent Venezuela from stabilizing and continuing to develop its «peace diplomacy with social justice», in alliances with China and Russia, lobbies financed by Washington arise, such as Amnesty International, which protested because the Argentine government decided to withdraw from the complaint filed before the International Criminal Court against the Venezuelan constitutional president Nicolás Maduro by conservative governments, self-promoted as “defenders of human rights”.

“The sanctions imposed by the United States, in the name of democracy, have caused the loss of more than 116,000 million dollars to Venezuela. In an interview with the US agency Bloomberg, Cynthia Arnson, director of the Latin American Program at the Wilson Center in Washington, said that “the Biden administration feels uncomfortable with the severity of the sanctions policy” against Venezuela. Barely a recognition despite the hundreds of millions of dollars invested.

Arms smuggling into Haiti

There is not the slightest doubt that shipments of high-caliber deadly weapons are sent to the US government. The strategy began with the assassination of the president of Haiti, organized by the United States Central Intelligence. The whole world knows that Jovenel Moïse was assassinated with the use of Colombian and North American mercenaries, hired, paid and protected by the current imperialist government of Biden.

They placed in the Haitian government the henchman and lackey Ariel Henry, a prominent member of the circles of power in Haiti; and then they organized criminal gangs, which kill and kidnap innocent people throughout Haitian territory.

There is no doubt that the United States began the work of disintegrating Haiti, promoting uncontrollable migration to the territory of the Dominican Republic, continuous and unstoppable migration that has contributed, according to conservative estimates, more than three million illegal immigrants. In the most recondite field of Dominican rural life there are Haitians. There is no doubt that the foreign Haitian population has been pushed by the difficult security and existential conditions that prevail in Haiti. This is the moment that the United States has been preparing the ground with the help of conservative circles and the surrendering governments and Dominican lackeys, to disintegrate both republics subjugated by neocolonialism.

The ruling circles in Haiti steal the last currency from the desert, encouraging the most appalling misery of the Haitian people, while the elites, who steal everything, travel to Miami, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic to do big business with the looted money, to buy large apartments in the Naco sector, in the tourist provinces of Higuey and La Romana, they buy luxury vehicles, have high levels of consumption, do smuggling, are accompanied by white Dominican women and lead the life of a king.

Police forces and armed forces put rugs under their feet and surround them with the most tender caresses, allowing them license for all possible advantages. That is why we have said that as long as the military bodies receive blandishments and benefits from the rich Haitians and the poor in order to smuggle across the border, it will not be possible to solve the border and migratory problem.

But let’s not fool ourselves that behind all these facts and events are the intelligence agencies of the North American governments that are the ones that develop the disaster that harms the Dominican Republic to maintain a system of neo-colonialism and corruption.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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