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Colombian government meets with FARC dissident group | News

The High Commissioner for Peace of the Colombian Government, Iván Danilo Rueda, and a representation of the FARC-EP dissidents met in the Colombian department of Caquetá to search for Total Peace in the South American country. in sequence:

A worthy minister in front of the media fire

According to the document, it was an exploratory meeting to see the possibility of initiating dialogues that respond to the needs of the nation, expressed in the policy of President Gustavo Petro.

“The two parties express the willingness and need for these dialogues to be set by a bilateral ceasefire, the execution of which must be verified,” the statement states.

In an important meeting of exploration and rapprochement to start the dialogues,
the @CommissionedPaz agrees with the Central General Staff of FARC dissidents to sign a protocol to guarantee a meeting of the EMC commanders.

— INDEPAZ (@Indepaz)
September 18, 2022

Commissioner Rueda explained to the counterpart the concept of Total Peace in its constitutional, legal and territorial framework, and the criteria for building trust for the success of the dialogue.

Likewise, he highlighted the importance of substantial binding citizen demands and the rights that must be guaranteed in order to transition to the Social and Environmental Rule of Law in this context.

For their part, the thin insurgents insisted that for them Total Peace “means the eradication of the causes that generate the social and armed conflict”, and in its alignment with the peaceful intentions of President Petro, for which they would consult all their structures. .

Both parties agreed to issue a joint declaration of a bilateral ceasefire as soon as possible to avoid “more pain in the Colombian family” and to achieve the presence of neutral third parties as a guarantee of the dialogues.

On this occasion, a representative of the Government of Norway and the Deputy Head of Mission of the United Nations (UN) in Colombia were present.

On the side of the FARC-EP dissidence, the combatant Érika Castro and the combatants Calarcá Córdoba, Alonso 45 and Ermes Tovar attended, who agreed to sign a confidential protocol so that the meeting of the commanders of the Central General Staff of the insurgent group could be achieved. .

“We believe that as never before, in the history of our country, the conditions are being created to leave decades of fratricidal violence behind forever,” the statement concludes.

Disclaimer: Via Telesur – Translated by RJ983

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